Friday, November 4, 2011

Group A Dwellings

Minimum Requirements for Group A Dwellings

a. Dwelling Location and Lot of Occupancy

The dwelling shall occupy not more than ninety percent of a corner lot and eighty percent of an inside lot, and subject to the provisions on Easements of Light and View of the Civil Code of Phillipines, shall be at least 2 meters from the property line.

b. Light and Ventilation

Every dwelling shall be so constructed and arranged as to provide adequate light and ventilation as provided under Section 806 to Section 811 of the national Building Code.

c. Sanitation 

Every dwelling shall be provided with at least one sanitary toilet and adequate washing and drainage facilities.

d. Foundation

Footings shall be of sufficient size and strength to support the load of the dwelling and shall be at least 250 millimeters below the surface of the ground.

e. Post

The dimensions of wooden posts shall be those found in the Table 708-A: Dimensions of Wooden Posts (Annex B-1). Each post shall be anchored to such footing by straps and bolts of adequate size.

f. Floor

The live load of the first floor shall be at least 200 kilograms per square meter and for the second floor, at least 150 kilograms per square meter.

g. Roof

The wind load for roofs shall be at least 120 kilograms per square meter for vertical projections.

h. Stairs

Stairs shall be at least 750 millimeters in clear width, with a rise of 200 millimeters and a minimum run of 200 millimeters.

i. Entrance and Exit

There shall be at least one entrance and another one for exit.

j. Electrical Requirements 

An electrical installation shall conform to the requirements of the Philippine Electrical Code.

k. Mechanical Requirements

Mechanical Systems and/or equipment installation shall be subject to the requirement of the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Code.


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